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Blog Update

Author: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

On 01, Jul 2009

Just a quick note here to share with you where I’m at on my “blogging pause” brought on by months of marketing and communication challenges that have presented themselves to me …

Bottom line
This blog is being *completely* restructured from head to toe. Much of the content on this site will be shifted to other web properties such as Facebook page(s) and/or entirely new web sites or blog platforms.

In parallel, there is some rebranding going on as well. The rebranding taking place is in response to growth and evolution of my digital marketing practice and how to proceed forward.

Some thoughts
While they may appear to be simple, these blog and brand related decisions have literally taken me months to figure out and sort through. What tends to happen to me is I spend so much time marketing for others but when it comes to marketing for my own needs??? Well, I think it’s safe to say I’m just too close to my own brand and business to see see clearly at times. Couple that with the fact that I am extremely hard on myself and that I am my own worst critic … and ya, you see where I’m headed with this, right??? LOL …

So my blogging break — a period of temporary retreat and reflection to clean out my own marketing house and closets — has been absolutely necessary. I needed to get out of my own box for a bit and clear my head to create better vision for where I am going and what I want to be when I grow up :)

I am pleased to report the forthcoming changes are positive and I am excited to be building out everything on the sidelines. It’s a very busy time but will yield very positive results in the end.

I plan to document this “blog strike” and rebranding experience so I may share my lessons learned with others. Hoping to share this, along with a mountain-full of stuff, very soon.

Will report more updates as they develop.

Thanks for your patience, readership and support during this transition…

Blog you soon,

Mayra Ruiz Mcpherson
Mayra Ruiz-McPhersonBrand Journalist and Digital Strategist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson is founder of Ruiz McPherson Communications (RMC), a marketing ingenuity practice based in Herndon, Virginia. Mayra — who also founded and launched the online career community — often presents various digital and social media-focused topics tailored to business owners and senior-level marketing managers. She also instructs a number of courses, workshops and training sessions as well as provides private, on-site training on social media tools and strategies.

In between professional engagements, Mayra guest blogs and contributes content regularly to a number of publications both in and outside the Washington DC metro area. Mayra is also the editor of The Better Social Business Blog, "Pet Tech" columnist for the Virginia Maryland Dog Magazine, contributes an “e-Trends” column to the Loudoun Business Journal and is founder of the Loudoun Fairfax Local Bloggers Meetup group which mentors and helps local bloggers network, learn and exchange ideas.

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