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Social media & marketing technology storytelling by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson
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PR Nerds Rejoice: The First-Ever Press Release Search Engine Debuts!

Author: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

On 13, Mar 2011

PRFilter is a newly launched press release search engine that serves up search results from various press release distribution services

If you are:

  1. a total PR nerd addicted to all things PR 2.0
  2. a marketing person who tries to avoid “irrelevant PR”
  3. anyone who needs to work with press releases regularly

it’s time to rejoice: Thanks to a (PRFilter), the first-ever press release search engine has now debuted!

What is

PRFilter serves up search results from PRWeb, PRNewswire and other press release distribution services

So what is a press release search engine, you ask? In my opinion, the notion of a press release search engine is as valuable as it is relevant: you can now use PRFilter to search multiple press release databases such as PRWeb, PRNewswire and many more. PRFilter actually explains it best:

“At the moment PRFilter aggregates ten key paid wire and press release distribution services and press releases direct from over 60 individual technology and media companies and we are adding more sources as we speak. Together these sources output approximately 15,000 press releases each week.”


The first immediate benefit I see is story-searching efficiency. In the past when I’ve had to search for stories or press releases, I physically have to go to each different press release distribution site and search under the same search terms. But with PRFilter, the however, you can search for a search term and get results from many press release distribution sites all in one location. This cuts my story searching time significantly.

Another benefit: popular search terms (e.g. “Marketing,” “Mobile,” “Travel,” etc.) are already available right from the search results page making new searches for common terms quite easy. You can also use the Advanced Search right from the home page to select industries and categories most relevant to your story search.

Geographic filters are also a plus: The search results for any search term are aggregated from various press release distribution services primarily based in the US, Canada and England. While you can’t filter your initial search from the home page geographically, you can filter geographically from the search results page itself.

Newly-launched PRFilter is very open to suggestions from users and, time willing, I might ask them to consider adding the geographic filter capability to the home page (vs. only from search results page). While I’m sure English and Canadian news releases are wonderful, most of my specific interest for news and stories are domestic USA-specific. Beyond this detail, for a beta launch, I am thrilled with the launch of PRFilter and see it as an invaluable tool in the PR person’s arsenal.

View the PRFilter video for more information

PRFilter – finding stories for you from prfilter on Vimeo.

About Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

As lead blogger for The Better Social Business Blog, Mayra writes frequently about trends in topics related to social media, digital marketing and marketing technology. Her email newsletter, The Social Media Trend Watch Report, curates noteworthy social media platform updates, upgrades and changes and goes out regularly to more than 1,000 subscribers.

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  1. Hi Mayra

    Thanks for taking the time to check out PRFilter and your kind words about the site. It's really great when someone gets what you are trying to do.

    Regarding the lack of geographic filtering on the home page, this was intentional. We figured the majority of people would find sufficient relevance in the default results. This appears to be the case to date with less than 10% of searches being filtered by geography from the results page. However we will bear it in mind as the site evolves in the coming months.

    You may also be interested in an announcement we made today about our latest development using the PRFilter platform which looks at the press release data we are indexing to find what PRs are talking about most – initially in the Tech sector

    If you have any questions about PRFilter please feel free to contact me by email or via Twitter on @AdParker

    Thanks again

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