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Search + Social: Mapping the Unlit Social Graph

Author: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

On 10, Apr 2011

I bumped into a blog post entitled “The Unlit Social Graph” (April 6, 2011 by Lawrence Coburn) published on The Next Web Blog and had to marvel a bit at the notion of “the Dark Web,” which essentially is made up pages or files that are unreachable by search engines. If you can imagine, perhaps for every page that is findable on the web, how many more are actually unfindable? It is the compilation of these unfindable pages that seem to make up brunt of the Dark Web.

According to Coburn, Google has invested tremendous resources in lighting up, or indexing these hidden pieces of content. Why? “The longer that Google allowed such a massive amount of content to go unindexed, the more exposed they were to potential competitors able to light up and organize this information.”

Now, with social rapidly imposing itself into the search arena, there are many Google competitors working hard to light up the Dark Web before or in parallel to Google. As Coburn explains, “…in the Dark Web, there exists network upon network not yet graphed by Facebook, waiting to be mapped, organized, and optimized for communication.” In fact, Coburn states he believes this is where Facebook is the most vulnerable and where other companies are trying to capitalize by lighting up this as-of-yet unmapped territory.

All in all, this blog post was an interesting read. I think many people (myself included) don’t often think about all the pages of unearthed content on the web that has remains primarily unseen. This area of search + social will surely develop rapidly and the outcome(s) of lighting up the Dark Web will undoubtedly be very exciting, at minimum.

Mayra Ruiz Mcpherson
Mayra Ruiz-McPhersonBrand Journalist and Digital Strategist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson is founder of Ruiz McPherson Communications (RMC), a marketing ingenuity practice based in Herndon, Virginia. Mayra — who also founded and launched the online career community — often presents various digital and social media-focused topics tailored to business owners and senior-level marketing managers. She also instructs a number of courses, workshops and training sessions as well as provides private, on-site training on social media tools and strategies.

In between professional engagements, Mayra guest blogs and contributes content regularly to a number of publications both in and outside the Washington DC metro area. Mayra is also the editor of The Better Social Business Blog, "Pet Tech" columnist for the Virginia Maryland Dog Magazine, contributes an “e-Trends” column to the Loudoun Business Journal and is founder of the Loudoun Fairfax Local Bloggers Meetup group which mentors and helps local bloggers network, learn and exchange ideas.

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