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The Social Video Budget … will *you* be creating one?

Author: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

On 29, Dec 2011

According to a December 29, 2011 post on Mashable about social video in 2012, organizations will seek to further immerse their social outreach via video in the coming year. The need for brands to create and distribute original video content online will continue and heighten in 2012. As this need increase, the belief is that the social video content creation and distribution effort will give rise to the need for a very specific “social video budget” distinctly separate from the digital marketing budget allocated for online marketing and communications.

Typically, social video advertising campaigns are or have been often lumped in with overarching digital advertising budgets that also include pre-roll or display advertising buys. As we enter the new year, the idea behind this social video-specific budget as a separate spend from the main marketing dollars will come to rise. The evolution of what the blog post states were once largely experimental (online video) programs will mature and become distinct programs with specific viewership and earned media goals. This maturity is what what Chris Schreiber, the posts author, believes will fuel the need for social video budgets in the future.

This is an interesting development in marketing budgets as a whole and I will be very curious how this rising trend will further progress in 2012.

Mayra Ruiz Mcpherson
Mayra Ruiz-McPhersonBrand Journalist and Digital Strategist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson is founder of Ruiz McPherson Communications (RMC), a marketing ingenuity practice based in Herndon, Virginia. Mayra — who also founded and launched the online career community — often presents various digital and social media-focused topics tailored to business owners and senior-level marketing managers. She also instructs a number of courses, workshops and training sessions as well as provides private, on-site training on social media tools and strategies.

In between professional engagements, Mayra guest blogs and contributes content regularly to a number of publications both in and outside the Washington DC metro area. Mayra is also the editor of The Better Social Business Blog, "Pet Tech" columnist for the Virginia Maryland Dog Magazine, contributes an “e-Trends” column to the Loudoun Business Journal and is founder of the Loudoun Fairfax Local Bloggers Meetup group which mentors and helps local bloggers network, learn and exchange ideas.

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