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"Going Digital" with Marketing Spend Intensifies for Proctor & Camble

Author: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

On 13, Mar 2012

Here’s a small tid bit of interest to those who closely follow marketing budget spend trends and commentary of interest like we do …

Marc S. Pritchard, Global Marketing Officer, Procter & GambleToday’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) includes an interview with Procter & Gamble’s marketing chief, Marc Pritchard, about the company’s plans for the future. According to WSJ, Pritchard is looking to “go digital” as the company attempts to cut $1 billion from its ad budget.

How are brands responding to the “smaller, digital budgets,” he’s asked. Pritchard responds: “Some brands that have very little money get very innovative. Aussie [Hair Care] is 100% digital. Secret [deodorant] is 100% digital. Old Spice [deodorant] didn’t have that much money. They didn’t advertise “Smell Like a Man, Man” at the Super Bowl; it was before the Super Bowl. Then they got this huge lift on YouTube, then they amplified it in PR, amplified it on Twitter,” Pritchard replies.

While the article highlights the digital branding and advertising efforts of a big brand rather than a small or medium-sized business, it is of interest that even the big guns are strongly re-purposing their marketing dollars more and more towards digital. The trend for digital spend has been around for the last five years but the intensity in which how organizations large and small are trying to do more with less and expand further into digital is fascinating to those who care about such geeky marketing subjects … (hint, hint) :)

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